About me[divider]

Welcome to my little corner of the world, where you can find my lifesize felt sculptures of beloved and memory jolting British treats made with my heart and two hands as well as kits and tutorials to make your own. [divider]

I hand sew all my food by hand with love and a hint of hunger. Each tiny stitch is hand placed and each piece of felt hand cut. I don’t work to any patterns but my own, which I draw and cut with old fashioned pencils, paper and scissors from my prototype sculptures…each piece has been designed from scratch using my own techniques ;) [divider]

My first piece, made in 2008 when my son was only 3 months old, was the Jammie Dodger, a biscuit I love and plays a role in my family history. I have happy memories of trying to bite the slightly crumbly bottom biscuit clean off the stretchy ruby red jam as a child…a feat I have yet to achieve despite years of dedicated practice![divider]

Over the last 5 years my work has been exhibited in art galleries & design museums, featured in magazines, including Mollie Makes, Selvedge & Gathered, & books.[divider]

I have mentored A-Level and Art Degree students and been featured in School, College and University coursework and lessons.[divider]

Recently I was the stitchy tutor for Pearl Lowe’s Vintage Home.[divider]

My work (and me) has even been on TV![divider]

I have also acheived one of my lifelong ambitions of having my own book published ;) [divider]

I know the rest of the world does not call things by the same names so here is my mini glossary:[divider]

  • Biscuits = Cookies
  • Ice Lollies = Popsicles
  • Sweets = Candy
  • Puddings = Desserts (usually with custard or cream)
  • Rock = Straight stripy candy canes with letters through them eaten at the British seaside ;) [divider]

Ouissi x