Bowl of Cornflakes Doorstop Tutorial

Bowl of Cornflakes Doorstop

Mmmmmm…crunchy cornflakes drenched in ice cold milk on a warm sunny morning.

But as you walk into the kitchen to wash your bowl the door swings shut on your foot and the mop you’d propped up behind it falls, hitting you on its journey onto the floor, shortly followed by the broom.


Now you can prop open that pesky kitchen door with a lovely bowl of cornflakes in a pretty ice blue, spotty bowl.

…and that mop will never fall on your head again.

Nor will the broom.


This downloadable pdf contains the pattern & fully illustrated, step by step instructions to make your own doorstop out of felt.

Designed by Ouissi Gresty of British Cream Tea


Please note this pattern is personal use only.