Strawberries & Cream Set of 3 Fridge Magnets Tutorial

Strawberries & Cream Fridge Magnets

It is summer and the bees are buzzing round your picnic blanket, trying desperately to get into the lemonade.

The sounds of tennis balls being hit across nets and lawnmowers being wielded on front lawns permeate the air as you finish your cheese sandwich and reach for the picnic’s tour de force…the strawberries and the little pot of cream you nestled in the corner of the basket by the icepack.

You dip the strawberries, one by one into the cream…or rather you would if the children hadn’t snaffled them all first without you realising, before they even started on their ham butties.


And the green bits don’t taste good even if they are drenched in chilled cream.
Well now you can have year round imaginary picnics on your fridge…without the bees, without the wind blowing cut grass into your sandwiches and certainly without the strawberry nibbling children

because these strawberries may look good, but they taste just a tidgy bit too fluffy.

This downloadable pdf contains the pattern & fully illustrated, step by step instructions to make your own set of strawberries and cream fridge magnets out of felt.

Designed by Ouissi Gresty of British Cream Tea


Please note this pattern is for personal use only