99 ice cream cone tutorial

99 ice cream cone

You adore ice cream.

That soft, vanilla frozen delight swirled into a crisp, wafer cone and topped with a naughty “Oh, go on then” chocolate flake.

Just the sound of the ice cream van’s tune tinkling down the street makes the child in you giddy.

Then the chocolate flake splinters, the soft whip ice cream melts and drips out of a hole in the bottom of the cornet onto your favourite aqua jeans and you have a small voice whispering into your ear that your hips will pay for this later.
But fear no longer…for now you can have your 99 ice cream cone with a non splintery flake, a non drippy cornet and absolutely no fear for your hips

…however many you make.

Life is good.


This downloadable pdf contains the pattern & fully illustrated, step by step instructions to make your own “99″ ice cream cone out of felt.

9 inches or 23 cms long
2.5 inches or 7 cms diameter at the ice cream’s top

Designed by Ouissi Gresty of British Cream Tea


Please note this pattern is personal use only.